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Explanation taken from Japanese TV  interview.

About Masashi YOKOYAMA

Masashi YOKOYAMA was born to a family of martial arts experts.

At a young age he was taught a very traditional Japanese martial arts which came from the Banshu Region of Japan.

This martial arts called "Mondo Ryu Heiho", which consists of the study of Jujutsu, Kenjutsu (swordsmanship), spear , etc.

It was originally consigned to the group of the vanguard Samurai during the civil war era. (16th century to early 17th century)

It was valued for its efficiency in battle .

Now, he has got a title of 15th Grand master (Soke) of Mondo Ryu Heiho.

When he was young, he practiced Karate, Jujutsu, spear and swordsmanship.

He had been in many foreign countries (South-east Asia, China and Europe) for the promotion of the international exchange.

At that time, he had some dangerous experiences.

Using his experiences in the martial arts, he developed his own style, self-defense KOROHO.

Koroho, this word, which can be translated as "to continue to move forward with a pure soul".

He desired to improve martial art techniques by adapting them to reality.

Koroho style is based on human instinct through the acquisition of simple techniques.

You can react in the face of aggression.

He taught KOROHO not only in Japan in France (Gendarmerie), police and martial arts group in Italy and other countries in EU.


In recent years, Grand Master YOKOYAMA (15th of Soke) refined Mondo Ryu Heiho.

He has got a good reputation of it and some magazines and other media asked him to write the explanations of the skills. "How to quickly brings enemies under control".


Armored Samurai Battle Association:


Masashi YOKOYAMA reproduces the real battle method of Samurai of the 16th century when Japan was a war period.

Established Armored Samurai Battle Association in 2014.

Armored Samurai battle has been the hot topics in the media such as televisions.


Most of traditional Japanese martial arts are created in peaceful era (Edo era) after the 17th century.


The wartime martial arts of Samurai (real fighting way ) are going to be lost in contemporary Japan.


In order to leave fighting martial arts to the next generation, Master YOKOYAMA and members against the old system of Japanese traditional martial arts that repeats only KATA (performance the determined action only).


The Armored Samurai Battle are supported by local government and some companies.

There are many participants from Japan and foreign countries.

It has been held several times in one year, Osaka, Tokyo, Wakayama, Aichi, Sekigahara and Mie, other places.


Samurai trip:

Samurai trip & Samurai festival & Martial arts seminars

We will hold this event 2 to 3 times in one year.

Many martial artists and their students participate this event from foreign countries..

We will book the hotels, meals, and guide them to visit Kyoto and other places where related to the history of Samurai.

At the same time, we will hold traditional martial arts seminar (Mondo ryu heiho). ,

The seminar , Samurai festival and visit such a historical places are one of important activities.

We are promoting Japanese culture and history also traditional fighting martial arts.

It is 7 days to 15 days program.

Adress: IMCF

        2-17-21, Shigino nishi, Joto-Ku, Osaka city, Japan

TEL: +81 6 6962 3889




International Martial arts & Culture Federation


Self-defense KOROHO (Japanese)

You can find English explanation link on top.


Mondo Ryu heiho  (French)


Armored Samurai Battle Association (Japanese Only)

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